Warrior Wednesday: Dr. Christopher Behr

Team Physician/Head Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Behr

In the violent sport of football, injuries are a common occurrence. Each time a player steps onto the field, he is vulnerable to a variety of injuries.

Sometimes they are nicks and bruises, but other times breaks and tears occur. These breaks and tears require serious medical attention, and players often need surgical procedures to repair their damaged body parts.

That’s when Dr. Christopher Behr takes over.

Behr has worked with San Diego State since 1999 as a team physician and head orthopedic surgeon, and has been instrumental in the recovery process for countless athletes. In addition to football, he works with several other teams in the athletic department.

A graduate of Cornell University in New York, Behr came to San Diego State after a brief stint with the New York Giants. He received his medical degree from the Cornell University Medical College.

Behr is currently a partner in the San Diego Orthopedic Associates Medical Group. He specializes in an assortment of surgical procedures, from labrum tears in the shoulders to broken bones in the feet.

For his help with the rehabilitation of numerous SDSU football players, Dr. Christopher Behr is this week’s Wednesday Warrior.

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