Bobby Smitheran

By Hunter O. Hewitt

Bobby Smitheran – Director of Football Operations

When people think about college football, what happens on Saturdays on the field is often what comes to mind.

Behind the scenes, however, several tasks must be completed on a daily basis to keep a football program running smoothly off the field. Coaches are often extremely busy, and have far too much on their plate to worry about the multitude of administrative issues that come along with Division 1 athletics.

For Bobby Smitheran, the director of football operations at San Diego State, the administrative side is his forte.

Smitheran came to SDSU in 2008, and initially worked for the athletic department as the liaison to the office of admissions, housing department, and NCAA Eligibility Center.

But in 2010, when former coach Brady Hoke left for Michigan and took most of his staff with him, Rocky Long needed to hire a new director of football operations. Smitheran was given the opportunity, and has done a great job taking over all the duties.

From organizing team meals to arranging travel plans for away games, Smitheran has a variety of responsibilities, but has done a phenomenal job of balancing it all.

For his efforts to keep the SDSU football program running smoothly, Bobby Smitheran is an Aztec For Life.