Meet the Aztecs: Q&A with Aaron Boesch

Photo Credit: Ernie Anderson/SDSU Media Relations

The 17th in a daily series of Q&A’s with the 2012 signing class.

Aaron Boesch is a 6-foot-5, 230-pound tight end from Oak Harbor, Wash. He spent his prep career at Oak Harbor High School, where he lettered three years in football. Boesch rarely left the field in high school, as he also played defensive end and punter.

Following high school, Boesch attended Santa Monica Junior College, where he helped lead the team to their first conference championship in 20 years. After an impressive first season, several colleges expressed interest in the athletic tight end. Boesch eventually chose San Diego State, and was able to enroll for the spring semester in 2012 and join the team for spring practices. He will wear No. 87 for the Aztecs. player profile
Rivals recruiting page


Q: How has your experience at San Diego State been so far?
A: The experience has been really good. The coaches are teaching me a lot and I’m learning from the upperclassmen so that’s great.

Q: What do you like so far about the city of San Diego?
A: I like that the weather is nice almost all the time. Being from Seattle it’s a lot different, the weather is not as nice.

Q: How did the offseason workouts go for you?
A: They were tough but the whole team is getting a lot stronger. I can feel that I am getting stronger and I’m gaining some weight.

Q: What is your major and what type of career aspirations do you have outside of football?
A: I’m majoring in construction engineering. I’d like to work in the field of engineering.

Q: What do you like to do during your spare time?
A: I like to go the beach. We don’t have beaches like this in Washington.

Q: Who are your favorite professional sports teams?
A: The Green Bay Packers are my favorite football team and the Oklahoma City Thunder are my favorite basketball team because they used to be the Seattle Supersonics.

Q: Is there any athlete that you look up to or try to model your game after?
A: Definitely Rob Gronkowski.

Q: If you weren’t a football player, what sport would you be playing?
A: Either baseball or basketball.

Q: What has the transition from junior college to Division 1 football been like?
A: It’s a lot different. It’s a lot higher tempo. There are still some big kids in junior college football but they are lot faster and stronger in Division 1.

Q: Being that you’re from Washington, how big is the season opener against the University of Washington for you?
A: I’m very excited for it. I have a lot of friends and family up there. I’m just hoping I can prove myself and get some playing time on the field.

by Hunter Hewitt



4 thoughts on “Meet the Aztecs: Q&A with Aaron Boesch

  1. Man, this kid is going places. If we line up Boesch and Escobar on opposite sides the opposing defense won’t know who to cover! What an tough thing to do to come back home to Washington and be on the other side. Too bad Huskies, he’s an Aztec now!

  2. He wont be playing against Washington. Hell redshirt this year as the depth chart is packed with Escobar Shields and Hiewitt. A year in the weight room will do him a lot of good


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