Who would you like to see in the next Throwback Thursday story?

Aztec fans,

I hope you have enjoyed the Throwback Thursday series thus far. It has been very special for me, as I have been able to connect with former Aztecs and hear their incredible stories.

For the next Throwback Thursday story, I want to hear from you, the fans, on who you would like to learn about.

I already have a special story planned for next week, which is homecoming week, and he is a true Aztec for life. This vote is for the story that will be released on Thursday, October 18.

At the bottom of this page there is a poll with four selections. Make sure you vote, and spread the word so others can vote as well!

The candidates are:

La’Roi Glover, defensive tackle (1992-1995)                                     J.R. Tolver, wide receiver (1999-2002)


Kirk Morrison, linebacker (2001-2004)                                              Kevin O’Connell, quarterback (2004-2007)



There is also a write-in choice, so if you have suggestions for other candidates, let me know.


Please vote!




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