Checking in on Day 2

Hello Aztec fans!

I’m checking in for now while I have a little down time before we get back into meetings and practice. Today has been a good day so far, but it will get even better once we hit the field for practice this evening.

I published the first Q&A piece on defensive end Dan Kottman, be sure to check it out! This is the first of a series of Q&A’s with the 2012 signing class, and these will give readers a chance to meet some of the new Aztecs. The first Q&A piece can be found in the Future Aztec Warriors section, or by clicking here.

I will check in later today after meetings and practice. In the mean time, here’s a cool new video of my fellow teammate Gavin Escobar and his highlights from the 2011 season. If you’re wondering about the song selection, it’s because his sister created the video!




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