Meet the Aztecs: Q&A with Teddy Queen

Photo Credit: Ernie Anderson/SDSU Media Relations

The second in a daily series of Q&A’s with the 2012 signing class.

Teddy Queen is a 6-foot-1, 245 pound defensive end from Temecula, Calif. He played at Chaparral High School, and was an all-CIF defensive end and the Defensive MVP in the Southwestern League for his efforts during his senior season. He is a playmaker on defense, and he will continue to play defensive end in Rocky Long’s 3-3-5 defensive scheme.

Queen comes to San Diego State along with quarterback Matt Morin, a high school teammate and another member of the 2012 signing class. He was also a teammate of current Aztec safety Darius Guillory, who also went to Chaparral. SDSU hopes this will help establish a recruiting pipeline in the future with Chaparral’s fairly successful high school football program. He will wear No. 52 for the Aztecs. player profile
Rivals recruiting page

Q: Why did you choose SDSU?
A: I chose it because I wanted to be a part of something special and something different. We are moving to the Big East and I just wanted to be a part of the new movement.

Q: How were the summer workouts for you?
A: They were pretty hard, but I like it because I know it’s just going to make me better. It’s something different.

Q: Have you picked your major yet?
A: No I haven’t. I am considering something related to engineering or law, but I keep going back and forth between the two.

Q: What are you most excited for leading up to your first semester at San Diego State?
A: It would probably be just getting closer to the game against Washington. That’s going to very exciting and I can’t wait.

Q: What do you like to do during your spare time?
A: I like to sleep. It’s the best thing in the world.

Q: Who are your favorite professional sports teams?
A: I really like the New York Giants.

Q: Is there any athlete that you look up to or try to model your game after?
A: I like Justin Tuck. I have followed him since he was in college and that’s why I like the Giants. I also like Ray Lewis a lot.

Q: If you weren’t a football player, what sport would you be playing?
A: I would probably be playing basketball. I tried to play in high school but the football coaches wouldn’t let me.

Q: What was your most memorable sports moment in high school?
A: Probably getting a game winning sack that caused the game to be over. That was pretty cool. 

Q: How much do you know about the 3-3-5 defense and what about it are you most excited for?
A: I don’t know a whole lot about, but I am excited for the stunts and other crazy stuff so I can see how effective all that is.

by Hunter Hewitt




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