Week 1 of the 2012 SDSU football season has arrived

It’s finally here. After months of anxious anticipation, we have finally made it to the first week of the 2012 football season.

We are extremely excited for the first game. After three weeks of hitting each other and competing in training camp, we are ready to finally play against someone else. Game week has arrived.

Once you step foot inside the Fowler Athletics Center, it’s clear that it’s game week. Signs reading “Beat the Huskies” and “Game Week” can be found everywhere you turn your head. It’s a great feeling, as we have made it to the best time of the year, football season.

Week one of the football season also means the first series of stories on AztecsForLife.com. As I mentioned before, each week I will publish three stories.

First, I will publish a story on Wednesday on Mark Haines, an athletic trainer for SDSU. Haines has been with the Aztecs for over 20 years and is a huge part of our success. Check in on Wednesday to read about the dedication and hard work that he shows every day to help our football program. This is a part of the Warrior Wednesday series.

Next, I will publish a story on Thursday on Aztec legend Kyle Turley. After a stellar NFL career, the former SDSU offensive lineman has now moved on to the music scene. Stay tuned to hear about what Turley has been up since the end of his football career. This is a part of the Throwback Thursday series.

Lastly, I will publish a story on Friday on current Aztec wide receiver Dominique Sandifer. After a devastating knee injury that forced him to sit out the entire 2011 season, Sandifer is back and ready to go for his final season. He was recently voted as a team captain by his fellow teammates, and is a great leader both on and off the field. Check in on Friday to read about Sandifer and his story. This is a part of the Feature Friday series.

That’s it for now. 5 days until Washington!

One of the many signs around the Fowler Athletics Center

by Hunter Hewitt



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