Who would you like to see in the next Feature Friday video interview?

Aztec fans,

I hope you have enjoyed the recent video interviews that have been released on the blog. These have been fun for me, and a great learning experience to experiment with the on-camera side of the journalism industry.

Unfortunately, due to some schedule conflicts, there will not be a video interview this week. However, I wanted to take this chance to hear from you, the fans, once again.

Who would you like to see in next week’s Feature Friday video interview?

The candidates are:

    Gavin Escobar, tight end                                 Jake Fely, linebacker                                        Chance Marden, kicker


Adam Muema, running back                            Nick Tenhaeff, linebacker                                      Bryce Quigley, left tackle


There is also a write-in choice, so if you have other suggestions, let me know!

Please vote!


by Hunter Hewitt (All photos courtesy of Ernie Anderson/SDSU Media Relations)




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