Week 2

The focus has now moved on to Army, and signs are posted all around the Fowler Athletics Center

Week 2 is here, and although we suffered a tough loss on Saturday, we are moving on to our next opponent, Army.

We played Army last season, and it was a close game, so we know that we cannot take them lightly. They are a tough-nosed team, and their offense can be frustrating and exhausting. We will need to be very discipline on defense.

Week 2 also means another set of stories is set to be released.

This week’s Warrior Wednesday story will be on SDSU’s video coordinator Brian Murphy. Murphy has been working with SDSU since 2003, and he does a lot for the football program. Be sure to check in on Wednesday to read about his hard work and dedication.

This week’s Throwback Thursday story will be on former SDSU linebacker Russell Allen. Allen currently plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and he is entering his fourth season in the NFL. Tune in on Thursday to read about Allen’s time at SDSU and his transition to the NFL.

The Feature Friday story this week will be on linebacker Rob Andrews. A senior, Andrews has battled through injuries throughout his career but has still been a big part of the Aztec defense. Check in on Friday to learn more about him and his journey to where he is today.

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out last week’s stories on Mark Haines, Kyle Turley, and Dominique Sandifer.

That’s it for now. Hope to see all of you there on Saturday at Aztec Warrior Stadium!



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